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CHA's Step Change:

  • is a repeatable methodology that
  • achieves a 2 fold increase in the performance of an important business measure, and
  • operates in an area:
    • connected critically to your core business
    • previously resistant to even 10-20% improvement
    • that was defined over ten years ago, and
    • that is failing to keep up, but not for lack of talent or resources.

Step Change works by:
  • selecting a pivotal task as an exemplar
  • executing a technical arbitrage
  • transferring radically aggressive technology
    (from a field which routinely performs a related task).

CHA has learned by doing this over a half dozen times that:
  • critical success factors include:
                      a champion, support, clear purpose, a constant strategy,
                      external intervention, local buy-in and technical mastery
  • The exemplar goes thru four distinct phases from forming to performing
  • The team to promulgate the exemplar is different in kind than the exemplar team
  • Some substantial reconfiguration of work, venue, resourses and/or power occurs.

You will experience:
  • A turnaround in your core competency and business performance
  • Unanticipated additional areas of applicability and opportunity
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Our Step Change has been taught at the Harvard Business School.


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