Contacting Us - "Us" now being GlobaTech   CHA's Site Map

FORMALITIES: Name: Globatech, Incorporated
  d/b/a: "GlobaTech" and "CHA"
  Registration: An "ACTIVE" Michigan Corporation in good standing
  Classification: We are a for-profit "C" corporation
  Owner: James Cook
ADDRESSES: E-mail: jim at globatech dot com   <-- preferred
jim dot cook at cha4mot dot com

Global Technology
CHA for Conscientious Humanitarian Associates 4 the Management Of Technology

  Web Sites: focused on Global Mobility and Artificial Intelligence focused on the Management of Technology and managing technology ventures

  Phones: +1 646 763 7501  <-- preferred and +1 313 271 2900

  Postal: 23 Turnberry Lane
Dearborn, MI 48120 USA

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