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Group Site Link Rating       Description

R&D Tech. & Innov. Mgmt.   "Best site" on MOT. Visit their Home Page or contact them on their MOT email, as well.
  Industrial Research Inst **** Who's who of Industrial Research and Development. Light on MOT info.
  Inventors **** Comprehensive resource for patent research.
Tech. NASA *** Starting point to explore NASA documents.
  Livermore   "Best site" to visit if you love physics.
  NTTC *** National Technology Web Page. Must visit if you're into technology transfer.
Mgmt. Interline   "Best site" for Links to powerful Business Information.
  CEO Express **** Links to changing Business Information.
  Inst. of Mgmt. & Admin. **** Excellent site for Links to professional Business Information.
  Business Plans **** Business Plans galore for small businesses & Startups.
Fin. US Gov't SBA **** Home of US Gov't's Financing Programs for Small Businesses.
  VINE-VC **** Good place for entrepreneurs to get useful info and to sound-off.
  VC On-the-Net *** An extensive (but aging) compendium of Venture Capital Sources, mostly USA.
  Am. VC Exchange ** AMVCx is devoted to matching sophisticated investors to venture capital (VC).
  Stock Exchanges **** Annotated index to all the World's major stock exchanges.
Law Patents   "Best site" on Intellectual Property Law - Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights.
  CorpLaw   "Best site" on Corporate law. Especially good on Securities law.
  US Code **** A searchable index on law of the land! The entire US Code - all 50 Titles.
  STO-Patent **** Excellent vehicle for doing Patent Searches.
Cos. DuPont-R&D   "Best site" for papers on managing R & D.
  IBM-R&D   "Best site" for a "cookie jar" of information technology.
  GE-R&D **** Find out about GE R&D - activities, locations, history.
Misc. Universities   "Best site" for Links to Universities World-wide. (Click here for complete 225K file.)
  HowTo **** Useful "how to" resources. Very well laid out site; take a look.
  Entrepreneurs *** Compendium of links for resources for entrepreneurs.
  SdvuExcBk *** Soundview Executive Book Summaries. Good abstracts of popular business books.
  World Facts *** CIA Factbook with general info on all countries (1997).
  World Clock **** Best site on time: local time, calendars, Year 2000, ...
  Research It! *** Writer's corner for dictionary, thesaurus, translation, people, maps, ...
  Quotations Page   compendium of organized quotes cross-referenced by author
  Search Engines *** An unannotated list of Search Engine links by categories.
  Headline News   Up to the (15-60) minute news links.
  USA Locator   Addresses/phones of USA people & businesses.

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