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Optimized For:

This Site is optimized for Netscape 3.0 or later, with graphics on, viewed full screen with default font size being nominal, on a 1024 by 768 pixel display, with at least a 256 color palet, and a modem which delivers at least 28.8 K bits per second all powered by a Pentium ® (Intel) class or faster processor. There are no Frames, Scripts, or Cookies. Constructed in the late 1990s, there is no accomodation for cell phones, smart or otherwise (sorry).


If its underlined, its a link. If it is text and it is not underlined, then it is not a link. Titles and headings go up (i.e., Back), all others drill down (i.e., Forward). All Graphics are links.


There are 3 page styles. This one is suited to browsing, a second style is adapted from presentations, and the third is a document style intended for printing and careful reading. Arial is the font chosen for consulting materials.


Content and links were reviewed, updated, and tested monthly through 1999. Like most of the Web, this site is in a state of continuous improvement (also known as "under construction").


Everyone is encouraged to make reuse of any and all materials in compliance with all applicable laws including the 'Fair Use' doctrine of the US copyright code. Attribution is appreciated.


Text and HTML were all done with the text editor, Ultraedit (available from Shareware). Graphics were edited (and text graphics created) using PaintShop (also available from Shareware). We had to make our own Spectral Color Table, Logical Color Table, HTML Codes, iso 8859 Character Codes, and mailto Generator reference pages that we gladly share with anyone.


Suggestions or comments are solicited and appreciated.


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