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We offer leadership and coaching to get specific, systemic, ongoing, gains in key processes which yield years of product line revitalization. Typical assignments include organizing and facilitating: high performance exemplars ("skunk works" projects, ventures), "entrepreneurial" businesses and/or development models, and "swat" teams aimed at performance turn-around.

Is this your situation?

You are experiencing diminishing returns in a mature product line. For several years you've had disappointing progress; everyone is discouraged; and at a distance there's talk about people not working as hard as before. This mature product line is vital to your business; it was an industry leader, and now it looks like it is becoming history. You've allocated generous resources to it, put your "best" talent on it, and the lack of results makes you feel cheated.

What's happened?  It may be that the fertile strategy which has produced handsomely for years has also been so thoroughly exploited that it is depleted.  To reverse the decline in growth you may now need a Step Change in the technical performance of Development, Manufacturing, Delivery and/or Support.

Step Change in technical performance is possible only with a shift in the prevailing strategy. To create new and fertile opportunities this strategy shift must exploit technological advances which have occurred subsequent to and outside of your original technology. When the time arrives for your articulation of a new strategy, the resulting excitement must be sustained by the commitment of ongoing support. Finally, effective structures, methods and behavior constitute the execution which ultimately improves the bottom line. The expertise of CHA provides assistance for this entire process.

CHA acts as a catalyst in changing your organization's strategy without forcing you to adopt a massive change program. A pilot Step Change which typically produces a twofold improvement in measurable results is developed from a modest effort focused on a critical, immediate problem. This pilot is designed to be a model which is transferable throughout your organization and which will become the key to the revitalization of your mature business line.


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