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We achieve Step Change results from creative positioning, systematic strategy development, exhaustive research, rational finance, based on a lifetime of entrepreneurial experience, including founding to going public of a high technology company.

Here's the Venture Situation:

The Venture seems to be in a business war. Intrigues and surprises from competitors, investors, vendors, and even prospective customers. All this while trying to grow on a shoe string against "big names." Issues pop up like shrapnel in a mine field: rapid development, patent protection, talent crisis, high impact marketing, distribution strategy, partnering, ramping operations.

Step Change in venture performance comes about by designing actions for results while avoiding catastrophic consequences. Successful entrepreneurs are "risk commandos:" astute, quick, and agile. They do their homework, take measured, contained risks, and accept help in finding their way through these minefields.

CHA acts as a counselor by offering guidance to CEOs. As generalists who have gone the distance from the "kitchen table" founding to taking high technology companies public, CHA has the "street savvy" from which to draw. And for that competitive edge, CHA has the advantage of rigorous and informed training and research which contribute professional depth to your venture's operating decisions.

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