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To:      Email address of person (or persons) to receive this message. (Note: Separate multiple email addresses with commas.)
CC:      Email address of person (or persons) to be copied on this message.
BCC:      Email address of person (or persons) to be blind-copied on this message. (This address does not appear anywhere in the header or body of the message, so nobody else knows that this person received a copy.)
Subject:      The subject of your message -- a brief description of what the message is about.

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Special Notation used in the mailto URL
Notation Meaning  (for understanding purposes, the application takes care of the technical "hokus-pokus".
? Appears just after the email address, separating it from the first name/value pair.
= Separates each name and value, in the form  name=value.
& Separates name/value pairs, as in  name1=value1&name2=value2.
% Precedes an ASCII character code in hexadecimal, in the form  %xx,  as a way of representing that character. For example,  %0A   represents a newline (line feed) character.
+ Another way to represent a space. For example, the value  Bjorn Free  could appear in the URL as   Bjorn+Free.
Notes: For a complete listing of character codes visit Character Codes, but the listing shows decimal codes in HTML encoding, not hexadecimal codes according to the URL encoding (within HTML). So, you must convert both the punctuation and the numeric value. For example, "space" is shown as       and must, for URLs, be converted (by dividing the decimal code by sixteen and then for all values between ten and fifteen use letters, A thru F) to: %20.

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