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Jim Cook, 2010

Jim is both experienced and scholarly in his management background. He was a Vice President (technology) of the largest CAD/CAM Company, a Fortune 500 Company (6,000+ American employees) which served the core engineering and manufacturing of the World's top industrial organizations (e.g., Boeing, Honda, US Navy, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Rolls Royce Aero Engines ...). Throughout the past decade, he consulted in USA to Senior Vice Presidents at: Du Pont, Motorola, Bell Labs, and Dun & Bradstreet on the investment and management of technology. His career began at MIT as a Research Engineer.

Jim has extensive financial and legal experience. Fourteen times, he raised capital for high technology ventures, including going public on the NASDAQ and investment by Exxon Enterprises. In addition, he led the team of consultants charged with re-organizing Motorola's venture capital investment processes (working with Robert and Chris Galvin, former Chairman and later President, respectively). Over the past eight years, he has been heavily involved (on plaintiff's side) in three Intellectual Property litigations, one in US Federal Court (2003 won a multi-million dollar settlement based on a unanimous guilty verdict), one more recently favorably settled in Illinois Circuit Court, and presently one in US Federal Court (details at: linkcoinc.com). In 2006, he negotiated and managed the sale of a short line railroad to a publicly traded company involving extensive contractual negotiations, resolution of numerous regulatory issues, and one court proceeding in New Jersey Chancery Court (again, as plaintiff, prevailed).

In the academic field, Jim has given over 200 lectures (50 in China) on management topics (mostly Corporate Finance/Economics) to graduate school and business audiences in USA, Australia, and China. Jim taught the following MBA courses: Economic Analysis of Manufacturing Systems (University of California, San Diego), Entrepreneurship (Melbourne School of Business, Australia), Advanced Manufacturing Systems (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA). In the past few years, he has been invited to lecture at the People's University of China, Financial Policy Center, where he gave five lectures: Securities Disclosure in USA, Corporate Governance for post-WTO China, Policy needs of High Tech Ventures, Bubble or Burst - An exercise in Forecasting, and Valuation of Privately Held Companies. Last fall, he was Chairman of a Conference on Inter-Cultural Management held in Beijing.

Jim has also had some media exposure. The Harvard Business School published his work in the Case, "Step Change at Du Pont's Camden Plant," ©1994, which has been taught at the Harvard Business School (available upon request). In this case, his consulting was the catalyst for improving the financial performance of DuPont's nylon manufacturing (resulting in savings of $25,000 per day, per plant) by a step change in the reduction of production stoppage (from about 200 instances per day to 60). He was cited by John Sculley (management guru) in his book, Odyssey: From Pepsi to Apple, ©1987, as inspiring Sculley's formulation of Second Wave versus Third Wave management paradigms. Jim has been interviewed on the Financial News Network (predecessor to CNBC's Finance) six times for high technology investing advice. He was invited to be on a panel on Australian (public) Broadcasting TV to discuss nuclear war prospects in Globe in Crisis 2013 with the former Minister of Industry and Commerce and the Ambassador from Indonesia. On five occasions, Jim was invited to visit China's Academy of Science by Madame Hu QiHeng to discuss technology exchange between USA and China. On October 16, 1985, Jim appeared on CCTV News being welcomed to China at the Great Hall of the People by Jiang ZeMin.


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

B. Sc. of Mathematics (1966)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Graduate Mathematics (1967-68)

2002-now CHA, Inc. (USA and China) - Chairman
Chaired a conference in Beijing ("Bridging the cultural gap - Key to success in China"), represented China in the Kauffman Foundation's Global Entrepreneuring Conference, and taught graduate level Finance and Project Management.
1999-01 Global Data Technologies (USA and China) - President
Developed software in Beijing (with ChangFeng) for Japanese Financial Disclosure Records.
1992-99 CHA Inc. (USA) - Director
Consulted on the Management of Technology to major corporations worldwide.
1989-92 Pugh-Roberts Associates - Deputy Director
Consulted on the Management of Technology to major corporations worldwide.
1986-88 Denning Mobile Robotics (USA) - Vice President of Engineering
Directed the development of the first commercial robotic "night watchman" system.
Computervision Corp. (USA) - Vice President of Technology
Responsible for technology strategy, technology transfer, research, universities, and consulting.
1978-83 Unidata Systems Inc. (USA) - President
Took this software tools company from his "kitchen table" to the NASDAQ public market.
1971-74 Dialog Systems Inc. (later Verbex - USA) - President
Managed development of world's top speech recognition software and got Exxon financing.
1968-70 Sanders Associates (USA) - Staff Mathematician
Worked on massively parallel computer for solving military and atomic energy problems.
1966-68 MIT Aeronautics and Astronautics Department (USA) - Research Engineer
Designed and implemented two real time operating systems - one to train US Astronauts.


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          Roger Bohn

Associate Professor
Director, Information Storage Industry Center
Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies
University of California at San Diego

          Nitin Nohria

Richard P. Chapman Professor of Business Administration
Chairman, Organizational Behavior Department
Harvard Business School

          Oscar Hauptman

Leader, Industry and Innovation Studies Research Group
University of Western Sydney, Australia


(Note: Each has taught at the Harvard Business School for over five years.)

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