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This is a proforma of the times, investment amounts, equity allocations/dilutions, and returns for investors: Founders (Friends and Family), Angels, Venture Capitalists, Investment Bankers, and Underwriters. It is a possible scenario for a successful (not necessarily representative) path to an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Click on the EXCEL icon on the right to download the chart and then you can change the assumptions (they are in blue) to see the impact of assumptions of your own choosing.


Business Plan

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Money Raising
 - Preparation
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The steps in preparation for raising money:  necessary Preliminary Decisions, the core Corporate Documentation, the possible Financing Teams, and the contents of the Business Plan ("Future Vision"). Useful for allocating effort and responsibility.

Money Raising
 - Execution
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The specification and deliverables in the actual raising of money. The items in the Term Sheet, the Due Diligence process, and the closing checklist.

Offering Letter  20 KB

This is an example of an offering letter sent to prospective investors. It contains links to attachments, such as buy back provisions, intellectual property, summary of financial projections, discussion of financial projections, resumes of principals, marketing considerations, product description(s), subscription agreement, and financial projections.

Summary of
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This is a one page summary of projected financial results in Chinese currency, RMB, and US dollars for years 2004, 2005, and 2006.


Three years of projections by month in detail. The financial model is divided into five sections: Supply and Demand, Operating Statement, Funds Flow, Balance Sheet, and Business Parameters.

Discussion of Financials
 13 KB

Discussion of notes to financial projections and methodology of construction.

Corporate By-Laws  57 KB

A formal By-Laws example which covers the issues of Governing Law, Terminology and Definitions, Stockholders, Directors, Officers and Agents, Resignations, Removals, Vacancies, Capital Stock, Corporate Seal and Execution of Papers, Fiscal Year, and Ammendments.


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