Mao as Entrepreneur 
  Jim Cook

Mao can rightfully be considered an entrepreneur in that he drove a new idea with creative destruction for the betterment of the Chinese people. As his entrepreneurial period I have chosen 1927-1947, the time of the great struggle to establish a Chinese State of, by, and for the Chinese people. This essay is based on extracts that have been crafted to convince readers that Entrepreneurs are archetypical, that is, deep down there are distinct patterns and attributes common to most. This essay will be followed by an essay about Henry Ford to bring out the many parallels in their lives and ways. As Ralph Bunche so insightfully put it, "If you want to get across an [especially complex] idea, wrap it up in a person."

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颜晗 译

此篇文章参考众多历史文献,精心筛选历史事实, 以向读者传达这样的信息: 企业家们的经历大多是有代表性的, 彼此之间共性很大。 下一篇文章里我将谈到亨利•福特, 读者们若将其和此篇文章对比, 便会发现毛和福特之间在人生经历和处世哲学上有很多共通之处。 正如拉尔夫•邦奇所言: " 要想弄懂一个观点,不如从一个人身上寻找答案。"  这便是我的写作目的。