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Bridging the Cultural Divide: The Key to Success in China

The Conference’s all-day Management program addresses the mysteries of Chinese management and China’s workplace culture so Expat managers can be more effective. The afternoon Living program proposes life solutions available in China to Expat families, including viable dual career strategies and health and education options. The overall Conference delivers actionable insights and tools from expert practitioners and consultants to extend attendees’ understanding and effectiveness. This intermediate level conference will be conducted entirely in English. (Every session has both Western and Chinese speakers to insure authenticity.)

October 24, 2009 (Saturday) is all day for Attendees and the afternoon for their Life Partner. The conference will be held in Beijing at the 5-star Joy City Hotel (next to the Joy City Shopping Center, XiDan square).

Come one, come all: Expat Managers, Expat Advisors, Expat Experts, and bring along your Life Partner (at no extra cost). That is, Expats currently or prospectively operating in China or with Chinese as well as those whose business is providing counsel, training, or other services. Life partners of attendees are invited to an afternoon program, at no additional cost. Register early; seating is limited. Pre-registration price through October 14 is 2,500 RMB (includes partner's luncheon and Living program). Subsequent registration is 3,000 RMB. To register, click ‘REGISTER’ above, or click here: ‘TO REGISTER’ and pay by Credit Card, Pay Pal, or RMB.

The Conference‘s Opening Speaker is Mr. Wee Theng Tan, CEO of Hughes and Tan (and former President of Intel/China), global business advisors and CEO coaches.
The Keynote Speaker is Ms. Roberta Lipson, CEO of Chindex International, a multi-hundred million dollar Nasdaq (:CHDX) company delivering advanced Western healthcare products and service to China.
We have brought together, for the first time, the range of practitioners essential to getting actionable, definitive, and tested answers in the form of advice, models, and tools to the most vexing issues that Expats managers and their families face every day. To view the backgrounds of the moderators, click ‘SPEAKERS’ above, or click here: ‘TO VIEW SPEAKERS’.

China Transition Institute (CTI) is an organization dedicated to training present and future Expat managers and executives to be more effective in China. CTI will be conducting one-week ‘Boot Camps’ to upgrade these Expat's Managing and Living in China throughout the coming year, and beyond. CTI is a natural outgrowth of its predecessor, China Immersion Institute, which has operated inside and just outside Beijing for the past two years. Jim Cook, CTI's Chairman, first came to China in 1985 and was hosted at the Great Hall of the People on that occasion. CTI's President, David Israel-Rosen, from 1985 to 1995, was a partner in an investment bank in Tokyo. Subsequently, he began his interest in China and in 1998, he joined up with Jim and started their first Chinese venture together. If you wish to contact them or CTI, click ‘CONTACT’ above, or click here: ‘TO MAKE CONTACT’.

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